Sunday, July 28, 2013

Rain, For Real!!

Can you believe that we actually got some rain? The other night (Friday) the weatherman, Mark Ronchetti, came on the air and said that a big storm was headed our way and that the whole city will get some rain. Of course, me, after hearing that, said, "yeah, I'll believe it when I see it!!" Just a few minutes later my brother comes in and says "Hey, did you see those clouds?" We all went outside to see those clouds and it reminded me of the time we saw clouds like that, maybe around 1990. And those clouds were like the ones we've seen on The Wizard of Oz movie!! And they were moving pretty fast. I thought, oh no, maybe Mark is right. Then I went into the street and looked to the south and those clouds there were even more scarier. Oh my, what storm is coming up and will we get the rain we need. Then the raindrops started falling and then just like that someone must have slit a hole in the cloud because it just came down. And then the winds were blowing harder and next thing you know..........ole Jed's a millionaire............. oh, I mean, the rain was blowing sideways!! Then the power went out!! Oh no, now this means it's gonna be a long night with lots of rain, maybe it'll rain like this all night long!! I could see it now, water coming into the house and then we have to move to higher ground, and the whole place is flooded. Would that really happen? It just kept raining really hard and that wind kept blowing hard. I wondered if it was like this all over the city!
The Isotopes were playing a game and it was sold out. So imagine all the people there. Then there was a concert at the Zoo. Locarno was playing there. And then at the Isleta Amphitheater Luke Bryan was playing a sold out show!! Imagine all those people at these venues and little do they know what was coming to them. I recorded the re-run of the 10 pm news so I can see what we missed since the power was out. Well, it was just crazy. Streets were flooded, mostly in the southern part of the city, where these venues were!! The Zoo got lots of damage with the tree branches falling to the ground. People had to make a run for shelter and safety. Some were hit with falling branches but no serious injuries. They showed the ground afterwards and people didn't have time to grab their belongings. And tree branches were all over the place. The zoo was closed on Saturday so they could clean up the mess. None of the animals were hurt nor escaped! At the Luke Bryan show, people scrambled for shelter and some were met with broken windows on their vehicles!! That's crazy. Guess they got hit with hail. Luke Bryan was able to reschedule his show for September 22. Well, that's during the State Fair and it usually rains during the fair. Hmmm, will it rain again? Last year Rascal Flatts got their show cancelled due to the bad weather..................rain. There was lots of wind with that rain, too. They couldn't reschedule their show and didn't schedule any for this year. Then at the Isotopes game, the field crew was covering the field with tarp not knowing what was going to happen next! The winds came and blew the tarp into the stands but not before causing some havoc on the field. None of the crew was injured but I am sure it scared them when that wind came up and blew the tarp all over the place. All these people had to try to make it home with the roads flooded. The water was over the sidewalks and the lower lying roads were impassable. Then they closed the freeway (I-25) because of broken power lines!! I hear that those power lines are still being worked on and about 4 thousand customers are still without power. That's just crazy!! I would go crazy if I was without for that long. Can you imagine the food in the refrigerator? Crazy, crazy, crazy. After seeing all that damage we didn't have anything like that. The power was out for 3 hours. And a power line down the street, on the other side of the irrigation ditch, was tilted. Not sure if that caused the power to go out. After the rains stopped I had to go drive around to see how far the power was out. It wasn't that big of an area. It was crazy to drive down the road and on one side people have lights on and the other side is completely dark! Passed the bingo hall and people were there playing and it was dark across the street!! Crazy. The police were every where. I guess the mayor had called in extra officers and fire department personnel to help with people who needed help. So after driving around I decided it was best to just go to sleep. And just as I was to fall asleep, the power came back on. The TV came on and just about scared me to death. I forgot it was on when the power went out. So now, who can go back to sleep after that. I tried to go back to sleep but the PNM trucks were going up and down the street, in search of that power pole? I don't know if they knew the street continues on the other side of the irrigation ditch. They finally went that way and found the pole. There is a truck parked there today holding up the pole. Guess they have to put in an order for a new pole? Ha, just saying that to make you all laugh. Who knows, maybe I am right about that. Maybe I'll ask around.
It's funny how the weather people are saying to expect for of what we got Friday night. Don't they know it doesn't happen like that? I mean we had a storm like that back in the 90's and haven't had once since then till now. And then we had that crazy snow storm a few years ago and haven't had anything like that since. And the time it happened before was decades ago. It's just one of those once-in-a-while thingy.
I don't mind getting rain but it's the humidity I hate. I hate it because my hair just doesn't do what I want it to. And no one tells me that my hair is standing on it's ends till I see my reflection or pass by a mirror. I refuse to have short hair because of that. I remember having short hair a long, long time ago and not being able to manage it. With it long, it's more manageable even though I hate it. Avon sold some product to control that but it doesn't work, at least not for me. I must have really weird hair!!
Now I hate watching the local TV stations because all the news people say "We were the first to report about the storm that hit the city...." yeah, right. Who cares? I hate it and I refuse to watch their news. And the more I hear any one of them play that over and over, I really won't watch their station/news because of that. I just get tired of "WE WERE THE FIRST". Any kind of sensational news they always have to say they were the first. All I can say is that I have my station to watch and I don't care that the other station was the first. As far as I'm concerned, my station was the first and only one to do it!! So there!! I am glad that we have other channels to watch so I don't have to hear that stuff. Then I always change the channel when I hear that stuff, too. So glad that I don't have hear it constantly but then I don't get watch what I started. So glad that I am not one of those people that HAVE to watch a certain program. If I miss it, have to miss it, oh well. The world still goes on.

Friday, July 19, 2013

July 2013

Yep, it's July, 2013!! Where has the time gone? I can't believe that July is half way over, too!! I thought that last week was the first week of July till someone told me it's the middle. Wow, is all I can say. Where had that time gone? Did I sleep like forever and didn't know it? Just unbelievable!!
Well, I thought I'd try something different. I mean that I sometimes don't know what to write about. Sometimes I just say whatever is on my mind. And most times I don't think it makes sense, or is really interesting to read. Really, I am a boring person. I can read other people's blogs and they tell of all the things going on in their lives, all the things that they do, etc. Me? I can barely do anything and nothing really worth telling. Therefore, I am a boring person.
Hopefully, this new thing I am thinking about can happen, maybe I will be able to write more fun things and not bore the heck out of anyone. But then again, no one is probably interested in reading my stuff because they know how boring my blogs already are. Oh well, I'll just do what I want and not worry about who reads and doesn't read.
Just to let everyone know, especially those who don't know, we've had some pretty good rain today! Well, mainly up in the heights. My niece said it was hailing at her place. I had just heard on the news about the hail up in the heights. We didn't get much rain down here in the valley. Just enough to get the ground wet. The dog went outside and didn't track any mud in the house. That's how much rain we got!! One part of the news showed the freeway where the rain water was running down the arroyo between the east/west lanes and how it was pounding against the bridge. I think it was at Wyoming this happened but I could be wrong. Probably up by Eubank or Juan Tabo. Pretty cool to see the rain pounding off the walls and splashing on the freeway. I sure hope no one in the arroyos because there is no way one can get out after seeing how hard the water was hitting the walls. It's clear skies tonight.
We were awaken by thunder this morning around 5:30!! It rained for a short time, maybe 15 minutes. Then the skies cleared and we had sunny skies the rest of the day till the rains came again around 4 this afternoon. Crazy, huh?

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 8, 2013

We have a new baby. Seems this is the time for new babies. Several friends have mentioned the births of their babies!!! Yippee for March babies, even though it should be February. Oh well.
So life is just crazy these days. I wonder if we were all doing the right things, not picking the wrong things, as in saying bad things to others around us, being mean to them just because or even spreading rumors, awful ones about the others around us, if we were all just being good, would our lives be wonderful? I think it would. Just that some people like to make other peoples' lives miserable. Even their own family members. I just don't understand that. Why does have to be "all about me" to these people. Don't they know of the blessings they could get if they share, be nice, help others would make their lives? Or do they just love to live in misery. Very sad if they choose the misery. They just have no idea what happiness is all about. So sad that they have to make those around them miserable. And worst of all, it's sad that the little children have to live in that kind of world. Never knowing what happiness is about. I talked to a young person and that young one has no idea what the world is all about because that person has been sheltered in this miserable life. So sad. This person is really bright but there are people that are not letting that person see that. It will be sad if this person doesn't make it all the way to high school graduation. This person is headed to dropping out of school and no one seems to care. Now if I could take all these children away, I would and give them all the attention they need. And all the love. Sometimes I think they are given 'fake' love. I don't know if you know what I am saying. I just see things and you can tell when it's real and not.
Well, this crazy life has got to change for me. I don't like it.
I'm trying to find out what I need to do with me. Seems that I am going in circles with everything I want to do.
Just crazy talking.
So I will end here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's another year, which I wasn't ready for. But you gotta keep on going no matter what. It's just crazy around here. I guess i can't say that my life is boring.
It's like everyone seems to have to be the center of attention. They don't seem to care that they have family to take care of. It's all about them. Crazy, crazy, crazy. People call to complain about the other people in their lives. What can I do? Nothing. If they don't like what they have going on, then change it! Come on people, get with the program. If you want or care to change, then don't come complaining to me about your problems.
Well, I mentioned about the treasure hunt that the Big I was holding. It took about a week for that DJ in Washington DC to get the correct pronunciation of the names of places here. You know how you hear a computer say words and it comes out funny, well, that's exactly how the DJ sounded. Hmmmm, so it's just a computer that's running the morning show??? After the lame clues they finally came up with things that was worth thinking about and going out to find the treasure. I had to take my brother to the hospital for an appointment when I heard the clue that last morning of the contest. I figured out where it was and was hoping people didn't hear it, or didn't know where it was. I was able to go over to the place the treasure was at. I looked and looked and looked. Either it wasn't the place or someone beat me to it. The treasure was hidden at the Los Ranchos Railrunner station. I can't remember the wording of the clues but they were pretty good. Some guy won the $1200.
Christmas and New Year's Day came and gone. Nothing exciting about those days around here. No one was really into celebrating anything. We don't really have any kids around here so it's not like anyone missed out on anything. The babies don't know what's really going on. Wait till they're about 3 or 4 for them to really understand what is going on.
Well, not much else interesting going on.
Why was the bookcase so confident?
It had high shelf esteem!!!
That's all.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Crazy times

Life has been crazy these past few weeks. Never expected things to turn out as it has. It's just plain crazy and need to figure things out. There are all these whys that I have. Of course, no one there to answer any of them. Life can be pretty boring when you don't have friends. Friends that you can rely on. I just have so-called friends.
This week I learned that the radio station that fired our favorite DJs want to bring back the Christmas Treasure hunt. Only prize is $1200. Guess that's better than nothing. When our guys were on the air they had such great prizes such as concert tickets for the whole year following. Groceries, CDs, even things like X-Box, things for the family. It was a great thing to participate in and trying to win these prizes. And the clues they gave were just awesome.
Well, come this year, the following are the clues for the week:
The treasure lies west of the Watermelons.
The treasure lies north of the mother road.
The treasure lies east of the big river.
The treasure lies south of Paseo.
For now it just seems so lame for those kind of clues.Woop-de-doo, west of the watermelons, north of the mother road, well, at least we know it's not in Rio Rancho!!!! But these are just lame clues. Guess they want to hold out to keep it going a bit longer and they weren't so good at the clues and used clues from previous treasure hunts!!!!! Can you say LAME????
Anyway, the morning DJ is somewhere in Washington DC, so there is no local live DJ. I've been listening in the afternoon to hear what Bev has to say but she's not on the air. Not sure if she's on vacation, or there is no more live local DJs. It's no fun to listen to the station when they don't have real live local DJs. It's really no fun to listen to the radio these days. I MISS TONY AND MYLES

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hey Parents!!!!

Found this and HAD to share:

A friend posted this on her FB page and thought it was worth sharing with everyone. It has some real meaning and for those that haven't grown up and have kids, well, it's time to grow up!! Your kids need their parents to help them in life, guidance. Don't let them grow up like weeds, as my mom would say. They need to enjoy life and learn the important things as well as fun things. 
In the end you parents will be held accountable for the action of your children. What would you say when questioned about how they were raised, grew up without their parents help. 
And people wonder why children these days are bullies. 

Can You Say GO COUGARS!!!

Woke up to a cloudy morning!! Little bit of rain overnight. Not really what you would call rain, but the pavement is wet!! Now it's starting to clear up, so we'll have to wait another time for rain or snow!!

Well, the UNM Lobos lost another football game. They played Nevada yesterday and lost 31-24. The game was tied up near the end but the Lobos just couldn't keep Nevada from scoring and they couldn't get to the end zone, either. Oh well, at least they haven't lost games that are outrageous. I mean like 70-0. They lose close games so that's good. Maybe next year they will do much better. The media better not start talking bowl games too early in the season, like they did this year. Once bowl games came up, the Lobos have lost their games. Shame on the media!!! They blew it for the Lobos!!!  ;)
Now for the Cougars (BYU). I love, love, love the BYU channel. They show lots of the sports events so I don't miss much. I've been following the Women's Soccer team. Trying to figure the game out and this was one way to learn the sport. I just never understood the game, even when I was in school and we played the game. It's like you just kick the ball and others try to get it away from you. Then you get kicked by those people after the ball. That's not fun. Now, I've been watching the team play and those ladies know how to play!! They became the #1 seed for the NCAA Tournament. They've played their games in Provo, Yay!! Well, they've won their games so far. Last night they played Marquette. What a game. It was so exciting to watch. I even got the other members of the family watching. It went into OT but no score. Then it went into a second OT, still no score. Now the penalty kicks came up. After the 5 kicks by both teams, it was tied 3-3! Now they had to send up the next few players for a shot and then Marquette kicker kicked the ball over the net. Now it was up to Kayla Varner and she made the shot that gave the game to the Cougars. First time the team made the Elite Eight since 2003. Their next game is November 23. Hopefully they go all the way and win the whole thing. They are awesome.
The football team played against San Jose State. And they came out losing that game. They had a chance to go ahead and win but it wasn't meant to be, I guess. They fumbled the ball and SJS had it won since it was a little more than a minute to go in the game. Next game is against New Mexico State.
I'm not sure how the basketball team did against Notre Dame. Too many games yesterday.
So, not much else going on around here. Just the same old things.